Welcome to Tropical Plumeria. We specialize in rare and beautiful Plumeria plants and you will love the selection and quality we have for you. We are a small, family owned nursery and specialize in hard to find Frangipani. Our first concern is your satisfaction, so we always make sure you get exactly what you expected. With over a decade of service and experience you can count on Tropical Plumeria.

Although Plumeria are native to tropical locations around the world like Hawaii, Austrailia, and Thailand, Plumeria or Frangipani are successfully grown in every part of the world. No matter where you live, you too can enjoy the wonderful colors and fragrance of Plumeria flower.


Rare And Unique Plumeria Plants

These exotic Plumeria have special traits like no other Frangipani!
3 Colored Plumeria Branches             3 Color Plumeria Plant   View Details
Deep Purple To Black Coloration        Black Tiger Plumeria Plant   View Details  
Giant Plumeria Flowers                     Vishnu Gold Plumeria Plant   Sold Out  
Vine Like Branches, Long Petals        stenopetala Plumeria Plant   Sold Out

Black/Plum Plumeria

Beautiful and rare!
Black Tiger              Black Tiger Plumeria Plant   View Details  

White Plumeria

Often the easiest to root from a cutting and some of the most fragrant!
Singapore               White Plumeria Plant   View Details
P. Stenopetala        White Vine Plumeria Plant   Sold Out

Rainbow Plumeria

Always a crowd pleaser with many varieties to choose from.
Col's Cooktown        Cooktown Rainbow Plumeria Plant   View Details
Danai Delight          Danai Delight Plumeria Plant   View Details
Imperial Crown        Imperial Crown Plumeria Plant   View Details
Intense Rainbow      Intense Rainbow Plumeria Plant   View Details
Musk Rainbow         Musk Rainbow Plumeria Plant   Sold Out
Penang Peach          Penang Peach Plumeria Plant   View Details  
Purple Rainbow        Purple Rainbow Plumeria Plant   View Details  
Puu Kahea               Puu Kahea Rainbow Plumeria Plant   Sold Out  
Sheer Beauty           Sheer Beauty Rainbow Plumeria Plant   View Details  
Vera Cruz Rose        Vera Cruz Rose Plumeria Plant   Sold Out

Red-Pink Plumeria

Beautiful and often stunning reds and pinks to WOW your friends.
Chompoo Yod Doi     Magenta Plumeria Plant   View Details
Coliseum Sunset       Coliseum Sunset Plumeria Plant   Sold Out
Duke                        Duke Plumeria Plant   View Details  
Dwarf Pink               Dwarf Pink Plumeria Plant   View Details
Daeng Sayam #2       Daeng Sayam #2 Plumeria Plant   View Details  
Pretty In Pink           Pretty In Pink Plumeria Plant   View Details  
Slaughter Pink          Slaughter Pink Plumeria Plant   View Details

Yellow Plumeria

Something for everyone. Great fragrance, some with very large flowers.
Aztec Gold                Aztec Gold Plumeria Plant   View Details
Vishnu Gold               Vishnu Gold Plumeria Plant   Sold Out